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02: How do I disable elements in Office (Outlook, etc.) using PolicyPak and ADMX files?

Download the Microsoft Office ADMX templates and disable any command from any group using their IDs.

The detailed spreadsheet of the commands and corresponding IDs are listed in the excel spreadsheet by Microsoft at this link: 

In this KB we are disabling the Page Color command of the Themes group from Options tab. So, we’ll be showing only those steps.

The Policy ID for the Page Color command is highlighted in the below screenshot.

Name of the Excel spreadsheet: OutlookMailComposeItemControls.xlsx
PageColor command: PageColorPicker
PageColor Policy ID: 13927

Use PolicyPak Administrative Templates Manager to deliver this ADMX settings to a targeted audience using Item-level Targeting filters.

Location: User Configuration --> Policies --> Administrative Templates --> Microsoft Outlook 2016 --> Disable Items in User Interface --> Custom

Setting: Disable command bar buttons and menu items

  1. Configuring a setting in PolicyPak Administrative Templates Manager

  1. Setting a command ID in this setting to disable any/ Page Color command.

TIP: Use Item Level Targeting filter to control the scope of this setting.

  1. Run gpupdate at the client end.
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