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03: How do I use PolicyPak Remote Work Delivery Manager to update the Client Side Extension?

If you do not have an existing software distribution solution, delivery of software and updates can be a bit of a hassle. Remote Work Delivery Manager (RWDM) can assist you in getting your software out to your endpoints. This includes keeping PolicyPak up to date on all your endpoints.


  • As the CSE is required to perform an installation or update, it must already be installed on the endpoints and at version 2536 or higher
  • RWDM must properly licensed or computer in trial mode
  • The Installation MSI file is stored on a file share accessible to all endpoints that require the update.

Creating the Policy

As with most applications, the PolicyPak CSE come it two varieties – 64 and 32 bit. This article will cover creating a policy to cover both.

  1. Create a new Group Policy Object and edit
  2. Expand Computer Configuration -> PolicyPak -> Apps and Patch Management and click on Remote Work Delivery Manager
  3. Add a “New Collection”, rename, enable and click OK
  4. Add a “New Standard Policy”
  5. Select “Copy a single File” -> Click Next >
  6. Select “Apply this policy to all users who log on to the computer (switched mode) -> Click Next >
  7. Enter the UNC path to the MSI file (32 or 64 bit) -> Next >
  8. Set the directory that you want to place the downloaded file and ensure the file name is correct -> Next >

    Note: Environment Variables may be used
  9. Select “Access both source and destination as User” -> Next >
  10. Select “Always” (This will allow the application to stay up to date as the source file is updated and replaced) -> Next >
  11. Under Post-copy actions, select “Run process” and Type/copy in the installation command (msiexec.exe /qb /i %destination%) -> Next >

    Note: %Destination% = destination path + filename (%Systemdrive\temp\CSE\PPx54.MSI)
  12. Under Revert actions, select “Do Nothing” (the application cannot uninstall itself) -> Next >

  13. Rename Policy if desired (e.g. “Update PolicyPak CSE – 64bit”)
  14. Enable “Item Level Targeting” and click Edit

    1. Click on “New Item” and select “Environment Variable”
    2. Name = Processor_Architecture
    3. Value = AMD64 (for 64-bit) OR x86 (for 32-bit)
    4. Click OK to close
  15. Click Finish
  16. If required, repeat steps 4 – 16 for 32-bit, making the necessary changes along the way
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