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01: PolicyPak Cloud Scripts Manager: Distribute and Import X.509 certificates

Use PolicyPak Cloud and Scripts Manager to distribute and import X.509 certificates to your endpoints, regardless of where they may reside, for use with PolicyPak VPN Manager or any any other purpose you have.

# Create Cert - update path for certificate as needed below
$CertFile = "C:\temp\Cert\FABRIKAM-VPN-DEMO-ROOTCA-CERT.cer"
Write-Output "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

-=Certificate in BASE64 x.509 format text goes here=-

-----END CERTIFICATE-----" | Out-File $CertFile

# Import cert - replace certificate name and path as needed below.
certutil -addstore root "C:\temp\Cert\FABRIKAM-VPN-DEMO-ROOTCA-CERT.cer"

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  • 20-Jan-2021