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07: How to Configure Browser Router to use IE Document Modes in Edge IE TAB

Note: The IE Tab function is only supported in Edge Chromium Edition, you must have Edge Chromium Edition installed for these rules to function properly.

Step 1. Create a new Browser Router collection, and add a new policy item to redirect the web site to IE in whichever mode you wish.

Step 2. Run GPUPDATE on the target machine to verify that the policy is working, you should see your site displayed in the required IE Mode. 

TIP: You can press F12 for Developer Tools while in IE then look under the Emulation tab to see which mode the page is loaded in.

Step 3. Now that you have confirmed that the site works in the required IE mode you can enable the “Open as IE in Edge tab” mode in the BR Policy.

Step 4. Run GPUPDATE on the target machine, open Internet Explorer, go to the site that should be redirected to IE in Edge tab mode then wait 65 seconds or more, refresh page in IE to see if the policy is working, you should see your site open in a new tab in Edge Chromium and displayed in the required IE Document Mode. 

Note: IE Mode in Edge takes 65 seconds to take effect after Internet Explorer is running for 65 seconds, please see this kb article for more information:

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  • 21-Jan-2021