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03: Expand Modular View of PolicyPak Components in the GPMC back to the Flat Legacy View

Adjust the view style of the PolicyPak Components in the GPMC to suite your preference.

This is John with PolicyPak. As you go into a policy to create a new one or edit an existing, you’ll notice with the latest CSEs that we’ve kind of combined all the different components that make up PolicyPak into individual packs or folders, as they appear here. There’s six different ones. These kind of align to the new licensing strategy that PolicyPak has going forward. If you didn’t want to have to dig into each one of these folders and to find the component that you want, what you can do is you can actually put it back to the old way of taking a look at it in one level.

All you need to do is simply left-click on the word PolicyPak, right-click, and check Group Snap-Ins. This is going to put it back to, again, the way it was, the legacy way of taking a look at it. Everything is right there and easy to find.

If you wanted to put it back, all you need to do, again, is highlight it, right-click on it, and select Group Snap-Ins. Now it’s back to the new way of taking a look at it. When you exit this and go back in the next time or any policy, it is right back to where you left it off the last time. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for listening.

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  • 20-May-2021