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07: How can I use PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager to get Sage 50 to work without admin rights?

After working with one customer, we have included the Sage 50 pre-configured XML in the guidance, which is downloadable in the PolicyPak Portal.

Use this video to see how to get the guidance and use the XML file we’ve pre-created:

That being said the same customer reported that when opening a report, Sage will hang for several minutes while attempting to “Look for a printer.”

The customer’s own remediation was to elevate the Print spooler also needs to be elevated (c:\windows\splwow64.exe).

However, this is likely more than required, and instead, we would advise to merely attempt to change the integrity level of the spooler using these directions:

Both avenues to adjust the spooler service are “use at your own risk.”

We here at PolicyPak no longer have Sage 50 to test, so this is just us passing this information along.

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  • 15-Feb-2021