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03: How-to change authenticator app or a device for PolicyPak Cloud app-based 2FA login?

Once you enroll your device with PolicyPak Cloud 2FA login, you will no longer prompted to enroll with Application-based two factor authentication.

But if you want to change a device or an authenticator application then you need to re-enroll your login with app-based 2FA logins. In this KB we have covered both the following scenarios.

  • Changing an 2FA authenticator application
  • Changing a device with existing 2FA authenticator application

Changing an 2FA authenticator application:

We recommend Authy ( as an 2FA authenticator application. Please consult with your current 2FA application’s support guides to move or transfer your data to Authy.

Changing a device with existing 2FA authenticator application:

Open a support case with PolicyPak Software support via email [email protected] and we will turn-OFF your Application Based authentication and turn-ON email 2FA from the backend.

Then follow the below steps.

  1. Login to the PPC Portal using 2FA email code
  2. Click Company Details tab and select Edit link under the account of Company administrators
  3. Select Two-Factor Authentication options from the window
  4. Check Application based two factor authentication checkbox
  5. Click on Save button to save the changes.
  6. Same window will be expanded with additional options as screenshot below and enroll new device by following steps as shown.

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  • 17-Feb-2021