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02: PolicyPak Universal Licenses: Disable Specific Components

Use this technique to disable specific components after we deliver you a license file.

Hi, this is Jeremy Moskowitz. In this video I’m going to show you how you can take the license file we give you, the universal license file we give you, and if you want to, disable or prevent the turning on of a particular component. For instance, you might be directed or you want to turn off a component like PolicyPak Preferences. That’s fine.

Here’s the universal license that we gave you. There’s a little trick. I’ve just got it here copied so I don’t make a mistake. Basically, if you put right after the word Preferences or whatever the component is, enabled equals “false” and just leave it like that. Boom, that’s it. It’s not going to be licensed anymore.

If we wanted to do that for File Association Manager, I don’t know why you would, but that’s okay, just for argument’s sake. There we go. I can take this universal license. I’m going to save it out. I’ll put it on my Desktop as Example 123 License.

Then if we were to go into Group Policy land and we were to take a look at our licensing, I’ll just go ahead and create a new GPO here called PP License Example. I’ll click Edit and dive down under Computer side, PolicyPak. Left-click on the PolicyPak, right-click License Management, and then we’ll go ahead and Import that file that I just put on the desktop, so License Example. Click on the Desktop. There we go, Example 123 License.

You’re not going to see any indication here that you’ve done that. There’s nothing here in the UI that says you’ve done that. If you were to look at the report for universal settings, you do see Preferences is set as Disabled. File Association Manager is set as Disabled. That’s what I wanted to show here. You can see in this particular way if you wanted to dictate that certain items even though you’re licensed for them, you want to prevent a license, that’s the way to do it.

Now let’s go over to our endpoint here and see the result. Let’s go ahead and do a quick GP Update to just get the licenses since this computer was unlicensed before. Give us a second to catch up. Now that that’s done, let’s go ahead and type PP Update. PP Update is going to tell you how you’re licensed.

You can see we’ve got licensed from the GPO called the Licensing Example. Then here is where we have turned off File Associations Manager. The license was valid, but our product was excluded. Same thing with Preferences Manager, license was valid, but the product was excluded.

In this way these two components will not process directives. Then there you go. I hope this video helps you out. Looking forward to getting you started with PolicyPak real soon. Thanks.

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  • 19-May-2021