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05: How To deploy a TCP/IP Printer using PolicyPak Remote work Delivery Manager

  1. First zip up the Printer setup files and store on a network share that is accessible to the users that need to have the printer installed.

    For Example:

    Note: This zip should contain the driver INF file for the printer needing to be installed.

  1. Then using the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) create a new PolicyPak RWDM Standard Policy on either the Computer side (using Switched-Mode), or the User side.

  1. At the "Welcome to the PolicyPak Remote Work Delivery Manager wizard!" screen choose "Copy a single file", then click Next.

  1. At the "Specify policy target" screen choose "Apply this policy to all users who log on to the computer (switched mode)", then click Next.

  1. At the "Specify the copy source" screen use the UNC path to the printer zip file from step 1 above, then click Next.

  1. At the "Specify the copy destination" specify the target folder on the endpoint(s) where you would like the zip to be downloaded to, provide the file name for the destination, then click Next. 

    Note: The target folder will be created if it does not exist

  2. At the "Specify file access settings" screen accept the default values and click Next.

  1. At the Specify when to process this policy" screen choose "Once" then click Next.

    At the "Post-copy actions" screen choose the "Run PowerShell script", and "Run process or script as user" options, then add/edit the command lines below as needed to reflect what is needed for your specific printer model, then click Next.

    TIP: You can find more information on what is needed by visiting this link:

    Expand-Archive -LiteralPath 'c:\temp\' -DestinationPath C:\Temp
    pnputil.exe /a "C:\Temp\Canon\Driver\CNS30MA64.INF"
    Start-Sleep -s 10
    Add-PrinterDriver -Name "Canon Generic Plus PS3"
    Add-PrinterPort -Name "IP Port" -PrinterHostAddress ""
    Add-Printer -DriverName "Canon Generic Plus PS3" -Name "Canon Generic Plus PS3" -PortName "IP Port"

    Important: For the Add-PrinterDriver -Name section above the name specified (i.e., “Canon Generic Plus PS3” in this example) must match one of the names in the INF file!

  1. Skip the Revert actions screen unless you wish to add a revert action.
  2. At the Policy settings screen give the policy a descriptive name, then click Finish.

  3. Lastly, run GPUPDATE on an endpoint that receives this policy to test, then verify under Printers & Scanners that you see the printer installed.

    Note, the printer may take around 30 seconds to install.

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  • 19-Mar-2021