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05: How are BYOD "Workplace Joined" (aka Intune Registered) counted toward licensing?

The LT tool we supply will count your computers within Intune. There are three types of computers that would need to be addressed.
You can see these as items 1, 2 and 3 below.

Case Item 1: Azure Active Directory registered, but MDM = NONE.

Case Item 2: Azure Active Directory Joined, and MDM = Intune.

Case Item 3: Azure Active Directory Registered and MDM = Intune.

In all these cases, the computers are counted toward Intune licensing.

This is because;

Case Item 3: This machine is fully managed (Registered) by Intune. It can receive PolicyPak directives via MSI (supported) or .Intunewin files (not recommended.) or Intune’s PowerShell commands (not recommended.)

Case Item 2: This machine is BYOD/Workplace Joined by Intune. From a PolicyPak perspective, this machine has exactly the same management capabilities as a fully managed machine. A BYOD/Workplace Joined machine can ALSO get PolicyPak directives via MSI, .IntuneWin or Intune’s PowerShell commands.

Case Item 1: This machine is in Azure, but available at any time to be EITHER fully managed (Registered) or essentially fully managed (Joined). Therefore we have to count this as a potential license.

Using LT, you can see all computers noted above would be counted within LT for licensing purposes as seen here.

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  • 01-Apr-2021