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03: How has PolicyPak Evolved over the years?
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Every year PolicyPak continues to add new features for customers. Here’s a top list of new functions and milestones and the year that they came out.

Before 2017:

















  • New Component: PolicyPak VPN Manager: Enable remote work users to have Always On and standard VPN connections.
  • CSE and MMC are now Multi-Domain compatible
  • Updated licensing where Professional and Enterprise customers can use PolicyPak with Active Directory, with SCCM, with MDM and/or PolicyPak Cloud




  • PP Device Manager: Block WPD / Phones that act like media players
  • PP CLOUD: More in-cloud editors
  • PPLPM + Netwrix sbPam Integration
  • PPLPM: Native support for changing IP and adding Printers
  • PPLPM: Force user to re-authenticate with Self Elevate
  • PPLPM: Certificate Rules with Wildcards
  • PPLPM: Send "Long Codes" to Notepad instead of opening up in mail program
  • PP BRouter "Neutral Site Support"
  • PPCLOUD: 10x faster login
  • PP CLOUD: Jointoken sharing between admins
  • PPCLOUD + PPLPM: Store events and make rules
  • PPLPM for Macintosh and PPCLOUD
  • New Component: PP Preferences 2.0 Drive Maps
  • New Component: PP Preferences 2.0 Registry
  • New Component: PP Preferences 2.0 Printers
  • Updated Feature: MMC Snap-in allows Cut/Paste for most rules and collections
  • Updated Feature: GPO Export Manager v2 (Export Everything)
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable for policies / collections


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