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08: How do I change the default icon for user-created shortcuts for my default browser?
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First, please watch this video and see if it helps you. The most common concern is that the FireFox default icon appears like this…

When you typically want user shortcuts to look like this:

PolicyPak Browser Router’s DEFAULT BROWSER function uses the registered icon for the default browser as the icon.

This MIGHT be required EITHER PER USER OR PER MACHINE… depending on which browsers you actually have installed on the machine and HOW they were installed.

The REGISTRY values for the browsers are:

Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\FirefoxURL-***\DefaultIcon ← Note that each user could have a UNIQUE one, making changing this much harder en-mass.

So if you wanted to change Firefox’s default icon you could change it from this…

To this…

A second example could be with Google Chrome…. And setting it as the Default Browser…

The default icons will be from ChromeHTML Index 0….

But if you change it to 4 and run GPupdate, you will see updated icons.

The quickest way to mass update this … would be a Group Policy Preferences Registry item. An example can be seen here. You want to do this on the COMPUTER side which will change the value for both USER browsers and COMPUTER browsers.

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