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07: Why is the latest Java version installed being used instead of the version specified by Java Rules Manager?


There is a Java Rules Manager (JRM) policy specified for a site to use a specific version of java but the site is ignoring the rule and using the latest version of Java installed on the endpoint instead.


The URL address specified in Internet Explorer must match exactly the location URL specified for the RIA rule in PolicyPak Java Rules Manager, the path is case sensitive.  This is not a PolicyPak requirement but a Java one, please see the following link for details.

Note: If the URLs do not match (case as well) then the PPJRM rule will be ignored and the latest version of java installed on the endpoint will be used instead.



Ensure that the URL specified in PolicyPak JRM and the address URL in Internet Explorer both match, then refresh the tab in Internet Explorer.

Note: If any changes are made to the JRM policy then the policy will need to be refreshed on the endpoint for the update to be received. If needed close and restart Internet Explorer before revisiting the page specified in the JRM policy. 

Once the URLs in both IE and PPJRM match the policy will function as intended and the site will use the required version of java.

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  • 21-Jul-2021