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08: How can I best install PolicyPak Cloud for remote clients over a slow link/internet connection?

If you want to enroll your client machine with the PolicyPak Cloud service to manage the policies, the PolicyPak Cloud-Client.MSI (PPC MSI) must be installed. 

During the installation process, PolicyPak Client-Side Extension.MSI (CSE) is pulled down and installed automatically. 

However, clients with slow internet connections may want to deploy CSE as an offline installer option to avoid the long delays during the installation or just as a precautionary step to avoid a failed installation due to timeout errors during the installation process.

CSE is available for download within the Customer Portal only. Just visit this URL: And download Latest Bits. You’ll find the PolicyPak Client-Side Extension folder in the archive. The reference screenshot is below:

To summarize the above details, the solution is to install both MSIs in the following order.

  1. Download the CSE from the Customer Portal and install it on the client machines.

  2. Download the PPC MSI from the Cloud Portal and install it on the client machines.

This advice is best suited for those computers only that are located in very remote areas where you have a slow internet connection. For those with a moderately good/stable connection, the usual method is recommended. 

PS: Usually the latest CSE is in sync with PPC Service. However, you may have a preference for an older version of CSE. In these special cases please reach out to PolicyPak Support for a download link.

For more details about setting up machines for VDI environments please check the following KBs.

  • 1162
  • 05-Oct-2021