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30: How to use Scripts Manager to manually install and enable PolicyPak Browser Router for new Edge Chromium?

The problem is that New Edge + PPC will not install the chrome extension. We have following steps for PolicyPak Scripts Manager that should work for Edge Chromium.

You’re welcome to test the PowerShell script manually for installing chrome extension on New Edge Chromium + Non domain joined machines.


  1. CRX (chrome extension file) for PPBR will be downloaded from PolicyPak ShareFile link.
  2. CRX file local path is defined in the script, you can change it if you like.


  1. Create and link a new policy to required Computer group
  2. Select PolicyPak Scripts Manager form the Create Policy list
  3. Click on the Policy button drop-down and Select Policy
  4. Choose Machine button at the Select scope for policy
  5. Select Apply action and from drop-down chose PowerShell Script option
  6. Paste the below script in to the window

  7. Wait for Policy refresh or run PPCLOUD /SYNC at endpoint
  8. Ask user to sign back in and launch Edge Chromium
  9. Users will be presented with the following screen. Click Turn on extension

***** PowerShell Script to apply using Scripts Manager: How-To Videos.

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  • 30-Nov-2021