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04: How do I manually count the number of computers in Intune, and manually acquire the Intune "Company Name?"

If you are having trouble running the LT tool to acquire EITHER the number of computers in Intune -or- the Intune “Company Name” … here is what to do.

Usually the LT tool works as expected, but if it doesn’t you can run the commands it runs by hand and get the same result.

Part 1: Getting the number of Computers in Intune.

Please follow the steps in this article to acquire the number of Computers in Intune. Send in screenshots like we have to represent the number of machines.

Part 2: Getting the Intune “Company Name.”

We also need your INTUNE COMPANY NAME. You can run this script:

You can see how to use this script in this video:

Final Thoughts: Number of computers + “Company Name”

Then between the COUNT (pictures) and the COMPANY NAME (text file), we’ll have the two pieces we need.

Send them to your Sales team if requested and/or to close the loop on a support request.

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  • 07-May-2022