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02: PolicyPak Cloud 2FA
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PolicyPak Cloud requires that you have some form of 2FA enabled.  Initially all accounts will have email 2FA enabled.  You can also enable app based 2FA.  For this, we recommend Authy -

Once app 2FA is enabled, you have the option to disable email 2FA.  However, we recommend you retain this method as it can be useful if you are unable to use app 2FA for some reason.  For example, a lost/broken device or in the instance of setting up a new device without access to the old one.  If you have disabled email 2FA and find yourself in a scenario like this, your only alternative is to email support and have email 2FA re-enabled.

Resetting App 2FA

If you loose access to your existing app 2FA device and want to re-establish 2FA using a different device, follow the steps below.

Note:  Admins with the Authentications Options Admin role can only ENABLE 2FA for other admins, they can not reset or disable 2FA except on their own account.

1. Disabling Existing App 2FA - for your OWN account

First you'll want to log in to your account using any 2FA method that you're able to.  As mentioned above, if you have disabled email 2FA and have no App 2FA available, you will need to open a ticket with support to have email 2FA re-enabled in order for you to complete the remaining steps below.

Once logged in, look for the Company Details tab.  On that page, look for the Company Administrators section.  Locate your account and click Edit.  On the Two-factor Options tab, uncheck Application-based 2FA.


You will be asked to Confirm your choice - acknowledge the confirmation.

You will then need to supply a 2FA code to complete the action.  Choose a method and supply the code.  In the case of still having access to the old device you can still use it to complete this step.

If successful, you'll see the Saved indicator shown below.  Click Close.  


Your app 2FA is now disabled.


2. Turning App 2FA Back On

While you're still logged in you can re-establish App 2FA.  Locate your account again as above and click Edit.


Supply your login password to complete the action.


Next you'll be prompted to re-establish 2FA by scanning the QR code with your app.




Enable App 2FA for another user

If your account has the Authentication Options Admin role, you can enable App 2FA for a different user.  As before, navigate to the Company Details page with the admin users, locate the account and click Edit.

Your done.  The next time that user logs on, they should see this screen and can establish App 2FA.



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