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06: How do I make the Grace Period licensing pop-up go away?

If your users are getting a pop-up saying “This computer’s license for PolicyPak has become unavailable” like what’s seen here, this means that your license has expired. This is a grace period put in place so policies don’t peel off and PolicyPak stops working. You need to resolve the issue.

Note: This pop-up could ALSO occur also if you transition from a state where a license file doesn’t contain the same components you did from your previous license file.

  • For instance 1: LAST year you had PolicyPak Enterprise Edition and THIS year you now have PolicyPak Professional, and are only licensing, say, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager. 
  • For instance 2: LAST year you were using all the components in PolicyPak Cloud, but this year you asked us to turn off one or more components or otherwise didn’t renew the same as last year.
  • For instance 3: DURING your trial period, you trialed Enterprise Full. However, you ended up purchasing just PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager.

Typical resolution is to get an updated license file from PolicyPak Support or Renewals which covers the components you wish to cover and timeframe as per your agreement. Then implement the license file.

Here is how to implement a new license:

Here is how to troubleshoot a new license:

You can forcefully stop the pop-up from occurring with an ADMX setting. However, when you use this ADMX setting you also FORGO / Eliminate the grace period for ALL UNLICENSED COMPONENTS.

Therefore you want to be sure a license file is in place, covers the timeframe you expect, and all the components you expect to be licensed… before performing this step.

The ADMX setting is named "Explicitly turn off licensing pop-up when PolicyPak license transitions to expired."

Note: This will immediately stop Unlicensed components from operating, thus forgoing the grace period. There is NO METHOD where the GRACE PERIOD will continue WHILE turning off the GRACE PERIOD notification.

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  • 11-Jul-2023