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01: How do I configure the MMC snap-in to open GPOs in Netwrix Auditor?

This is a written step-by-step guide to express how to set up PolicyPak → Netwrix Auditor.

For a video overview of this process see:

Tip: Only the latest PolicyPak MMC console supports the PolicyPak → Netwrix Auditor. Use the PolicyPak download and install the latest MMC console.

Initial Setup for Netwrix Auditor

In Netwrix Auditor, determine where you Report Manager URL is. The item is found in Netwrix Auditor under Setting | Audit Database then Report Manager URL like what’s seen here.

Click on the link to open up Report Manager in SQL Server Reporting Services (henceforth referred to as SSRS).

Next, create a new SSRS Folder and give it any name you like. Steps are seen here.

Enter the folder you just created then upload the .RDL file provided from the PolicyPak Extras Folder like what’s seen here.

 Result after uploading looks like what’s seen here.

Next, click into the report to get the reference string you’ll use in future steps. This will contain the Netwrix Auditor server, up to and including the specific URL which expresses just before the report name.

For example the string is something like: http://NetwrixAuditorServer/Reports_SQLEXPRESS/report/PolicyPak

Keep this string handy in Notepad or similar for next steps.

Using the PolicyPak MMC to Call Netwrix Auditor

Use the latest PolicyPak MMC to configure your management machine to use Netwrix Auditor. Click on the Netwrix PolicyPak node (left click) then right-click to “Open in Netwrix Auditor”.  Input the string you collected earlier like what’s seen here.

Optional Configuration: Use PolicyPak ADMX to configure the value automatically

If you have many PolicyPak administrators using the MMC snap-in and you wish to mass-configure this value you may do so via the PolicyPak ADMX Files. Always use the latest PolicyPak ADMX files which are available in the PolicyPak download.

Use these instructions to begin to use, or update the PolicyPak ADMX settings:

After the ADMX files are in place create a Group Policy Object and target it for your MMC management stations.

Tip: PolicyPak CSE will ignore this policy because it is exclusively regarding the MMC snap-in.

Going forward the ADMX setting will command the MMC snap-in and it will be unconfigurable.

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