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08: How can I make all files in a folder, or all files in all recursive folders Elevated, Blocked, or Allow & Log?

There are two methods to Elevate, Block or Allow&Log multiple files and folders.

Method 1: Using FILE TYPE..
For FILE target type, you have to specify a file path. For instance:

  • %programfiles%\Contoso\App.exe
  • %programfiles%\Contoso\*.exe
  • %programfiles%\*\DogFood.exe

Method 2: Using FOLDER and/or Folder+ Recurse type…

you should specify a folder path, such as

  • %programfiles%\Contoso
  • %programfiles%\*
  • %programfiles%\*\DogFoodFolder

The difference between these two types is

  • The ‘Folder’ path condition only applies to all files in the specified folder.
  • The ‘Folder (recursive)’ path condition applies to all Descendant files.
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  • 09-Nov-2021