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02: How to elevate Print driver installation using PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager? (alternate method)

These directions should only be performed if asked by support. The normal method to elevate print driver installation is to use the PolicyPak Helper tools. See step by step videos here:

Printui.dll is the executable file that contains the functions to install a Print driver. Today PolicyPak can elevate a Control Panel applet, and it can be .CPL or .DLL files. But we cannot elevate a .DLL file alone, it’s simply not possible.

In this KB we will demonstrate how a non-admin user can install print driver on its own, by elevating a rundll32.exe process using PPLPM.

Using PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager, elevate the rundll32.exe, and include a command-line argument to elevate a specific DLL. Just like shown in below screenshot.

Rule to elevate rundll32.exe by PATH and COMMAND LINE (when rundll32.exe runs a DLL, the DLL path is specified on the command line)

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  • 09-Nov-2021