01: How can I get “up to speed” the fastest with PolicyPak and support resources?

This is an orientation guide to help you understand the various support resources at PolicyPak.
We try to enable you to be as self sufficient as possible. The faster you can solve your own problem, the happier you are.

As such, here is the strategy we recommend.

Watching the webinar

The most important thing you can do to become quickly oriented with PolicyPak is to watch our daily webinar. If none of the times work for you contact your PolicyPak sales person for a replay. You will quickly understand all the moving parts to PolicyPak and it answers more than 90% of “What does PolicyPak do and how do I install it?” types of questions. You really don’t want to continue without knowing what you already own / what it can do. Sign up for the “IT Admin” webinar at this link.

Getting Logged on to the Customer Portal

When you log on to the PolicyPak Portal, you then get the ability to download Bits, Paks, Manuals and other items. This is what enables you to create PolicyPak directives and perform other PolicyPak tasks.

If you are unable to logon, contact your PolicyPak Sales person for credentials. To get oriented to the PolicyPak Portal and what it can do, please watch this video.

Note: The PolicyPak Portal is NOT the PolicyPak Cloud service. The PolicyPak Cloud service has its own login credentials. To learn how to use PolicyPak Cloud service, please watch this PolicyPak Cloud Quickstart video here.

Downloading (and reading) the PolicyPak On-Prem manuals

PolicyPak has an extensive library of detailed manuals. The most important ones to read are:

  • PolicyPak Suite (On-Prem Edition) QuickStart and User Guide.pdf
  • PolicyPak Application Settings Manager – Using The FireFox Pak.pdf
  • PolicyPak Application Settings Manager – Using The Internet Explorer Pak.pdf
  • PolicyPak Application Manager DesignStudio Guide (build 747).pdf

Very often in the manuals we explain a concept and back it up with a video to further explain and demonstrate a concept. For instance, from the PolicyPak On-Prem Quickstart and User Guide:

Using the self-help support resources

Additional materials can be found in the PolicyPak Support Center.

In the Support Center you can quickly search across the entire knowledge base.  Just start typing to reveal a list of matching articles.

You can also read about getting started with a Product by selecting it.    

Interested in a specific Component, then dive into its Knowledge base.  Want to see the Component in action, explore its Video Learning Center for demonstrations  on how to use the Component to solve common challenges.

Using the Forums

If you cannot find the answer to your “How do I” question using the self-help resources on the website, please ask your “How do I” questions in the forums. You log into the forums with the same username and password as the PolicyPak Portal. Just click FORUM.

Or if you are already logged in.. select it this way.

Using the support email

Use the email support [att] policypak.com for the following reasons:

  1. You have lost access to the portal, but you think you should have access or other portal problem.
  2. You have lost access to PolicyPak cloud, but you think you should have access.
  3. You need to re-scope your PolicyPak on-Prem licenses due to an OU restructure during the middle of the year.
  4. You are a PolicyPak on-prem customer and would like to claim your free 10 PolicyPak Cloud licenses.
  5. You would like to schedule some “Deep Dive” time with support for one-on-one demos or strategist.
  6. If you think you have a special circumstance that applies to you. For instance, something was working yesterday in the product, but not today. Or, if you’ve tried something and you’re getting a specific error message, etc.

Said another way:

-The support FORUMS are for “How Do I” questions about the product or something that could benefit others.
-The support EMAIL is for “Everything else” … anything that’s specific to you.

TIP: We respond EQUALLY fast to the FORUMS or EMAIL. So, please please use the FORUMS whenever possible… FIRST.

When submitting support by email, here is the suggested FIVE STEP process:

  • Step 1: Email support [att]] policypak.com with a detailed subject line and message body clearly explaining the problem or what you need. DO NOT attach logs in the FIRST email.
  • Step 2: Await an email from the auto-responder.
  • Step 3: Provide logs as explained FROM the auto-responder.
  • Step 4: Submit those logs as described in the auto-responder.
  • Step 5: Then reply with another email, and let us know the logs are uploaded.

Why five steps? Because YOUR EMAIL system might eat the attachments you send to us and the email! So, if you attach log files in Step 1 with your first email, we might never see the email, and you won’t get an SRX number. Then, we request in step 5 a simple email like “I’ve uploaded the log files” so we can SEE that they made it there. Because again, in step 4, maybe they get obliterated at upload or attachment, and you’re wondering why we’re not working on your case yet. It just means we likely DONT yet have the log files.

Using the support phone number

The 1-800 number for PolicyPak will let you leave a voicemail for our support team. We are around (generally) during normal business hours EST. The support phone number should only be used when:

  • You ALREADY have an SRX from the automated support email system. Without an SRX we cannot call you back.
  • You feel we’ve “dropped the ball” with an email-based support request in email or in the forums.

Only then can we call you back and work with you if someone is available, or if we’re not available, we’ll do our best to at least schedule some time with you.

Again: All phone calls must be preceded by an SRX in order to get a callback from support.

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  • 11-Nov-2019