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How does an existing PolicyPak customer make use of all PolicyPak Components?

  1. If you are an existing PolicyPak customer, or in the middle of your trial, please talk with your sales rep and request updated PolicyPak keys for the duration of your license period. You will get these emailed to you.

Remember: PolicyPak has multiple components (six as of this writing) and we’re working on more. And in most cases you’re likely licensed automatically for ALL of them. (There can be some exceptions if you have an unusual contract with us.)

You should use the software you paid for… you don’t just own PolicyPak Application Manager. You own a lot more than that ! Like PolicyPak Browser Router and PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager !

  1. In the PolicyPak portal, we suggest you download EVERYTHING which will get you the latest BITS… and also the latest Paks (for PolicyPak Application Manager.)
  2. On YOUR machine, install the latest MMC console. This will get you the multiple nodes within PolicyPak within a Group Policy Object.
  3. On CLIENT machines, install latest CSE on all the TARGET machines. This enables the newer components to work on client machines.
  4. Then you need to install licenses for the other PolicyPak products (
  5. Optional, recommended: Upgrade all Paks for PolicyPak Application Manager

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  • 31-Dec-2020