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20: What happens to Application Settings Manager settings when the PolicyPak license expires / if my company chooses not to renew?

When a PolicyPak license expires, all computers which are licensed will stop being licensed.

If the administrator chose to set any settings within the Pak inside the GPO to “Revert this settings when they no longer apply” then when the license expires, those settings will, indeed, revert back.

All other settings’ values will remain on the machine as they last were set.

However, the following PolicyPak protections will stop working:

  • PolicyPak will no longer provide UI lockdown. All graying and hiding and tab lockouts will become un-locked.
  • PolicyPak will revert any ACL Lockdown. Users will be able to modify settings directly again inside the registry and files.
  • PolicyPak will no longer re-apply any settings during login, Group Policy refresh, PPupdate
  • PolicyPak will no longer re-apply any settings when the application is re-launched, in the background or when the computer is offline.
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  • 15-Feb-2021