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02: What items and components are licensed, and what components are free?

You need a license for each of the following parts:

For PolicyPak: All Components need a license to be downloaded on endpoints in order to PROCESS PolicyPak components / instructions from components such as:

  • PolicyPak Application Manager
  • PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager
  • PolicyPak Preferences Manager and
  • PolicyPak Security Settings Manager data.
  • PolicyPak File Associations Manager
  • PolicyPak Browser Router
  • PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager
  • PolicyPak Java Rules Manager
  • PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager
  • PolicyPak Scripts Manager

Those license files look like this:

For PP Group Policy Compliance Reporter:

  • Reports for free: All PolicyPak Components like:
    • PP Application Settings Manager,
    • PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager, and
    • PolicyPak Browser Router).
  • Reports which are required for be PAID:
    • Microsoft Group Policy Admin Templates
    • Microsoft Group Policy Preferences
    • Microsoft Group Policy Security

To enable PPGPCR Endpoints for Microsoft items, this is the right license:

Also note what is NOT required to be licensed:

  1. Admin Stations…
    a. You don’t need a license for anywhere the GPMC is running / editing / creating GPOS.
    b. You don’t need a license for anywhere the PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter Admin Station (Client) is running.
  2. Again: You DON’T need a license for endpoints to use GP Compliance Reporter to REPORT on PolicyPak-delivered specific component items. This is automatically licensed. (Remember: You DO need a PP Compliance Reporter Endpoint license if you want to report on Microsoft Group Policy item types like Group Policy Security Settings.)
  3. PP Compliance Reporter SERVER is no longer licensed. Only PP Compliance Reporter ENDPOINTS are licensed.
  4. None of the PP “Support” tools like the PolicyPak Application Manager Design Studio, Powershell add-ins, or GPOTouch utility need to be licensed.

To generate license request keys for PolicyPak On-Prem suite endpoints: here

Once you acquire licenses from our sales team, you can implement them in two ways. Watch this video to see how to import the licenses.

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