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10: What if I want to unlicense ONE component, like PPPreferences?

There are three ways to unlicense an individual component.

Way #1 When you are using Group Policy Objects to license PolicyPak… See this video.

NOTE: You need to first install the PolicyPak ADMX files as seen in this video.

The basic gist is that you’ll be using Group Policy to deliver a setting which un-licenses a specific component like this.

Way #2 When you are using PolicyPak Cloud

You can deliver the same setting via PolicyPak Cloud as an Admin Template entry. Find the PolicyPak Admin Templates, then find the setting like what’s seen here.

Once ENABLED.. the component will be de-activated.

Way #3 When you are using PolicyPak Cloud (non-preferred method.) You may ask support to reduce your licensing for any component, like PolicyPak Preferences, to zero. Next time the computers connect to the PolicyPak Cloud service they will become unlicensed.

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  • 11-Apr-2020