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11: LT isn't permitting me to install License Files (or I am using AGPM, GPA, or GPOAdmin.) What should I try?
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When you buy PolicyPak On-Prem suite you get licenses for EACH product in the suite, so you’ll have to install multiple licenses.

There are two ways to install licenses. One is using LT and the other is using any GPO and importing the license (more later.)

If you’re using AGPM, GPA or GPOAdmin, skip this section and jump to the next section.

Choice # 1: Using LT to install licenses.


If you are encountering problems, first try to COPY and PASTE the license in…INSTEAD of Browsing for the file. Then press VALIDATE and continue.



Choice #2: Importing a license directly into an existing GPO

Another way to install license files for PolicyPak On-Prem suite is to use the License Management node, which is found in two places.

Note: This tip only works when the PolicyPak Admin Console MMC snap in is 759 or later.

Computer Configuration | PolicyPak then right-click License Management.

(NOTE: This node will NOT appear when using NetIQ GPA!!)


Or click Computer Configuration | PolicyPak | Admin Templates Manager | License Management(Alternate way to make License Management appear, which DOES work for NetIQ GPA.)


Then IMPORT the licenses received from PolicyPak sales.


VERIFY that the licenses are in the GPO by looking at the GPMC settings report:


Finally.. LINK the GPO to where COMPUTERS are.

PolicyPak doesn’t care where USERS are located.. only where COMPUTERS are. In this example, I’m linking the GPO to SALES OU, where the GPO will flow downward and hit the computers.

Note: PolicyPak will not work in UN-licensed locations. Those must be selected when providing your license request key BEFORE your licenses are cut.

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