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05: What happens if PPCloud computers are offline for more than 7 days?

PolicyPak Cloud licenses are automatically “reclaimed” back into the pool of licenses when computers don’t “check in” with PolicyPak Cloud every 7 days.

When the computer comes back online, it checks with the PolicyPak cloud service, then one of two things happens:

  • If there are available licenses remaining in the pool, the computer simply re-consumes one of those licenses and PolicyPak keeps working on that client machine.
  • If there are NO AVAILABLE licenses remaining in the pool, the computer will STOP processing PolicyPak Cloud directives.

So in practice, if you have ANY available licenses in the PolicyPak cloud pool, when computers re-connect, they’ll simply pick right back up again where they left off (unless you’ve used up all your licenses.)

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  • 19-Apr-2022