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03: What can I do if I installed a new CSE version and it’s causing problems (slowdowns or other issues?)

Here’s what you should try on ONE affected machine…

Try 1:

0. Install the LATEST CSE.
1. Reboot and log on three times to “clear things out.” Did this magically make the problem go away? Yes? → AS ADMIN…Run PPLOGS and send us PPLOGS (renamed please to PPLOGS-RESOLVED-REBOOT.ZIP)

Try 2:

2. Add new key to HKLMSoftwarePoliciesPolicyPakConfigDriver and set REG_DWORD Enabled = 0 (see screenshot at end of this article.)
3. Run GPupdate /force and then reboot.
4. Did this make the problem go away? Yes? → As ADMIN.. Run PPLOGS and send us PPLOGS (renamed please to PPLOGS-RESOLVED-DRIVER-ZERO.ZIP)

Try 3:

5. Delete the registry key you created in TRY 2.
6. Uninstall most recent PolicyPak CSE (from Portal).
7. Install previous PolicyPak CSE (If you need it, ask your tech support professional.)
8. Reboot.
9. Did this make the problem go away? If Yes.. that means the problem is between last build and this build. Yes? → As ADMIN.. Run PPLOGS and send us PPLOGS (renamed please to PPLOGS-RESOLVED-PREVIOUS-VERSION.ZIP)

Try 4:

10. Uninstall the previous PolicyPak CSE from previous step.
11. Ask your SUPPORT rep if you should turn on DEBUG LOGGING Install the DEBUG BUILD … CSE (get from your support rep).
12. Make the problem occur, then→ AS ADMIN, run pplogs and send us file renamed as PPLOGS-DEBUG-BUILD-AS-ADMIN.ZIP.


  • You should be performing these steps ONLY as a test directed by PolicyPak technical staff.
  • Do NOT run with the Driver disabled in Production.
  • This will stop much of PolicyPak’s inner workings such as:
    1. PolicyPakLeast Privilege Manager(completely).
    2. PolicyPak Application Manager (Reapply on launch.)
    3. PolicyPak Browser Router (FF extension installation in some cases).
    4. PolicyPak Applock.
    5. PolicyPak File Associations Manager.
      … And possibly other items.

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  • 09-Mar-2021