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10: My cloud client lost it’s join to PolicyPak Cloud , and a re-install of the cloud MSI I previously downloaded isn’t working / re-syncing. What should I do?

Starting Sep 1, 2017 we updated the PolicyPak Cloud service and cloud client. Most customers’ endpoints should automatically update to the latest version automatically.

But if you are trying to install an OLDER PolicyPak Cloud MSI and your computer cannot make an initial join, or, an existing computer cannot continue to download policies, we recommend
Re-downloading your PolicyPak Cloud MSI(s) which are found in the COMPANY DETAILS tab of the PolicyPak Cloud Service.

This PolicyPak Cloud MSI (Client) has been updated to use the new PolicyPak Cloud service.

Then, on affected machines:

  1. DO NOT UNINSTALL the previous PolicyPak Cloud Client MSI or PolicyPak Client Side Extension.
  2. Just install the latest-downloaded Cloud Client MSI from the PolicyPak Portal (COMPANY DETAILS) tab…
  3. On top of your existing endpoint computer that is not getting policies or licenses.

This should:

  1. Keep the computer’s group membership and
  2. Ensure it can re-join the new PolicyPak Cloud Service and
  3. Start accepting licenses and policies.
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  • 06-Jan-2022