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27: HowTo: What do I do if I find a problem with a preconfigured AppSet?

While you are welcome to contact PolicyPak support concerning any issues with our preconfigured AppSets, we can recommend some steps to perform before doing that.

We encourage customers to take an active role if a Preconfigured AppSet appears to have some issue in the definition. This is why we provide the PolicyPak DesignStudio to customers – to make and update settings for their own AppSets, or update our preconfigured AppSets.

That being said, if you identify a pre-configured AppSet issue, here is our step-by-step recommendation:

  • Ensure you are using the latest PolicyPak CSE and latest AppSet. If you are unsure of what the latest build is of PolicyPak, post to the support forums, email support, or ask your sales person.

If that doesn’t work:

  • Post a message to our support forums (customers and all trial users have access.)
  • Narrow down the issue and help us understand what the AppSet is or is not doing.
  • Provide screenshots and logs
  • See if the community has a known fix for it and/or others can replicate the same problem.
  • Use the PolicyPak DesignStudio manuals and tool to help yourself and fix your own AppSet definition issue. (And, please report your fix so we can update the AppSet for the future.)

If you don’t want try to fix a AppSet definition yourself, we (PolicyPak Software tech support) will try to analyze and remediate and AppSet issue if possible, knowing that it might take some time (or might not be possible at all.)

The more you can isolate the problem using the troubleshooting procedures outlined in the PolicyPak manuals, the better we can serve you. 

The preconfigured AppSets are examples we (PolicyPak Software) provide the community for free.

Our company is based around a community model where we all help each other.  You will find that the PolicyPak user community is a true asset. 

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  • 09-Jul-2021