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50: Paks: Why are there some areas of the pre-configured Paks greyed out or not accessable?

PolicyPak’s pre-configured Paks can manage a lot of settings, but not all settings in every application.

For instance, in this Pak (Microsoft Word 2010) you can see some areas which are not configurable.

Sometimes, you might encounter a button which doesn’t open another Window or have any function.

In these cases PolicyPak cannot manage these settings.

We try to document these in the Readme file which accompanies all pre-configured Paks.

That being said, sometimes we overlook settings which we might be able to get !

So if you see something which is a “must have” for you, just ask, and we can try to double-check it to see if it’s possible to achieve.

Please post in the SUPPORT FORUMS for this kind of request. Thanks.

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  • 01-Apr-2019