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52: Paks: What is the official support policy for the pre-configured Paks?

Many people use PolicyPak with the pre-configured Paks, and are very happy.

Occasionally, a Pak has some definition problem, meaning a checkbox or a dropdown doesn’t function as expected, or doesn’t function at all.

Even though we here at PolicyPak pre-create many, many Paks for your use, we cannot guarantee that that every dropdown, checkbox, and radio button in a Pak will work as expected. While creating the Paks, we do our best to verify each element, then try to document in the Pak’s “Readme” file anything that we know will not be accessible in a Pak.

Our Paks are examples for you to use. Therefore, we don’t officially support the Paks themselves.

We support the engine which delivers the Paks.

Again, the Paks themselves are not officially supported. Those are “examples” for you to use, and we provide “best effort” support on those if a problem is found.

(See the FAQ question “What do I do if I find a problem with a preconfigured Pak?” for more information.)

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  • 28-Mar-2019