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53: Paks: How will I know that an existing Pak will work with the version of the application I have today (and tomorrow)?

It is a fact of the software business that new application versions are constantly being released.  Most of the time however, a Pak that worked in an application “yesterday” will continue to work “today” and “tomorrow.” 

For instance, our FireFox Pak works with all versions of the popular web browser whether it be version 3 or 17 or whatever’s next.

Rarely will a pre-configured Pak completely stop working when a vendor updates their application.  But it does happen. Most of the time one of the following scenarios applies:

  • An application adds a couple of additional configuration settings.  By using the PolicyPak Design Studio, you can easily capture the new settings then, copy and paste these new settings into the existing Pak.
  • The application changes internally.  Again, using Design Studio it is a straight forward process to find the new setting value locations and apply them to the new Pak.
  • Every once and a while, the application is truly re-architected and in these circumstances, a new Pak must be created.

As a PolicyPak customer, you get more than just a powerful software engine that allows you to manage and lock down applications for your users. 

You get the Design Studio that allows you to update and create Paks yourself.  You also get access to our powerful user based community, providing you a knowledge base and peer group to turn to ask questions and request advice, and of course, you have access to our committed support staff.

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  • 22-Mar-2019