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05: Troubleshooting Application Manager – Basic Steps BEFORE calling or emailing Tech Support

PolicyPak Application Manager is a relatively simple system with only one “moving part”—the CSE, which is installed on the client. However, there are several areas that you may want to focus on if you encounter problems.

As these are common problems with easy solutions, these steps should be performed before calling or emailing PolicyPak technical support.

The most common tech support question we get is “Why aren’t PolicyPak Application Manager settings applying to my client machines?” Here are some items to check.

YES. REALLY CHECK EACH ONE, one by one please.

  1. Did you really go through the PolicyPak Application Manager Quickstart guide and try the suggested example out “end to end”?
    • You MIGHT be interested in Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc….
    • But our Quickstart section of the manual uses WinZip 14 as our SAMPLE application.
    • We ask you to “Walk before you run” using WinZip 14 as the SAMPLE application BEFORE you try things like Firefox, Chrome, IE and Java.
    • After patiently going thru the Quickstart / WinZip 14, most people will have their “Aha!” moment and see what they were doing wrong.
  2. Did you install the PolicyPak CSE on your client machines?
  3. Did you create the PolicyPak Application Manager settings within the GPO on the “correct side”? Most of the time, you’ll likely want to edit the USER side of the GPO and affect users within a GPO.
  4. Are you trying to use the Firefox, Java or Thunderbird Paks? Those Paks are best when used on the COMPUTER side. For those Paks, only on the COMPUTER side can you perform UI lockdown.
  5. Are you trying to use the Firefox or IE Paks? We have two special “how to” manuals for both Firefox and IE Paks in the MANUALS section of the PolicyPak Portal.
  6. Did you link the GPO to the place where you want them to take affect?
    • If you edit the GPO’s User side, then link the GPO to a place containing USERS.
    • Run GPresult /R …AS THE USER… ! Did you get the GPO itself?
    • If you edit the GPO’s COMPUTER side, then link the GPO to a place containing COMPUTERS.
    • Run GPresult /R …AS THE LOCAL ADMIN with ADMIN COMMAND PROMPT… ! Did you get the GPO itself?
  7. Is your computer getting the Licensing GPO? All computers must be licensed in order for PolicyPak Application Manager to work properly.Run GPresult /R …AS THE LOCAL ADMIN with ADMIN COMMAND PROMPT… ! Did you get the GPO itself?
    • Run GPresult /R …AS THE LOCAL ADMIN with ADMIN COMMAND PROMPT… ! Did you get the LICENSING GPO ?
    • Alternatively, try renaming the computer to COMPUTER1 (or similar) such that COMPUTER is in the name. When you do this, the PolicyPak CSE will act as if it’s fully licensed. If PolicyPak Application Manager starts to work – you have a licensing issue.
  8. Remember: Most pre-configured Paks ship with Pre-Defined Item Level Targeting.
  9. Did you use BLOCK INHERITENCE to block the Licensing GPO or block the GPO which is delivering the settings? We suggest you ALWAYS “Enforce” the Licensing GPO specifically.
  10. Are you able to get “regular” Group Policy settings?
    • For instance, as a test, in the same GPO where you’re deploying PolicyPak settings, do a quick test of regular policy settings.
    • A quick one to test would be User Configuration | Policies | Administrative Templates | Control Panel | Prohibit access to the Control Panel.
    • Enable this setting. Then, log off and back on as an effected user.
    • If you are correctly prevented from accessing the Control Panel, it could be a PolicyPak Application Manager issue, as you are clearly getting Group Policy delivered correctly. If you are not restricted from the Control Panel, you aren’t getting Group Policy correctly, so PolicyPak Application Manager cannot function.
  11. (Even though this might take some time…) Bring up a totally new computer (XP or greater) and name it Computer01.
    • Install the PolicyPak CSE and reboot. See if your settings apply now.
    • If so, try to determine why the settings worked when the computer was in Trial Mode (i.e., when they had the word “computer” in the computer name) and not in Licensed or Community Modes.
  12. Are the right Registry values present in the PolicyPak Application Manager project? Reopen the source pXML (XML) file using PolicyPak DesignStudio. Check to make sure the settings for any control objects (buttons, checkboxes, etc.) are managing the correct Registry target settings.
  13. Has the target machine received the latest Group Policy updates? If not, simply run “gpupdate /force” from the Run menu on the client machine and try again. Also, try rebooting the target machine.
  14. Check the readme file for the Pak. We do a reasonable job explaining when lockdown or a value isn’t expected to function in most Pak readme’s.

If *AFTER* these steps you are not getting results from PolicyPak application manager…

  1. From an affected machine, AS ADMIN run pplogs.exe from an ADMIN command prompt.
  2. Simply send the .ZIP file it creates to support[at ] and explain the issue as specifically as you can.
  3. GOOD descriptions would include
    • The PAK name and compiled with value.
    • The CSE version you are using.
    • A “story” of where the GPO is / what it’s doing and where it’s linked (user or computer side.)

    …something like this:

    “Hi. I’m using the FireFox Core Pak (compiled with Build 723) and linking a GPO to the Computer Side. I’m using the “Advanced (Certificates) tab and trying to import a Certificate to the ROOT for Firefox. I’m using the string ‘c:\Certs\Root.cer, 1, ROOT, add’ (as per the extra Firefox PDF manual.) That being said, on some computers we don’t see the certificate being added as expected. We are using the latest CSE on the target computer.”

    Screenshots and/or video of the problem, if there’s something to see.
    Use an application like ScreenShot Pilot ( and/or Jing ( to deliver us images and/or video showing your issue.

  4. BAD / inadequate descriptions of problems would be something like:”I’m trying to import a certificate and it’s not working.”Under ALL circumstances you should expect we will request you to update at least one machine to the latest CSE if your logs show a not-latest CSE.We’ll try to get you an answer right away. Call 800-883-8002 if you think we haven’t gotten your request for help. We want to help you!
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