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07: Which log file should I consult in order to troubleshoot when one or more settings are not getting applied to the Computer?

“Switched Mode” logs are generated when users log-on (that’s one log) and when Group Policy re-applied in the background on Computer (or GPupdate is run).

Before CSE version 603 you would use the ppComputer.log in programdata to troubleshoot switched policies.

After CSE version 603, you should look for ppSwitched log files.

If you need to troubleshoot switched mode, all switched mode log files will appear in the user’s own %localappdata%PolicyPak directory and start with “ppSwitched”. There are four times a ppSwitched log file might be generated or written to:

  • ppSwitched_OnLogon.log: For when the user has just logged on.
  • ppSwittched.log: For when Group Policy processes in the background or for when  GPupdate is run.
  • ppSwitched_ onXmlData.log: For when directives are delivered via MSI, file or PolicyPak Cloud service.
  • ppSwitched_onSchedule.log: For when directives are re-delivered using the PolicyPak timer mechanism (which is off by default. See the section Automatic Re-Application of settings with the Reinforcement Timer for details on how to use the timer.)
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  • 11-Nov-2019