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03: I launched IE and saw “PPBRAGENTIExIE_01.dll” or “PPBRExplorerExtension.dll” prompted for the user. What should I do?

This scenario is common when:

  1. You hand-install the CSE and immediately start to try PolicyPak Browser Router or launch your browsers.
  2. You deploy the CSE using a software deployment tool and users are currently still logged on to their machines.

PolicyPak is trying to install a required component into Internet Explorer.

It is named (old version) PPBRAGENTIExIE_01.DLL or PPBRExplorerExtension.dll (newer versions.)

But if Interenet Explorer is running WHILE the installation of the PolicyPak CSE occurs, you might get this message the next time you launch Internet Explorer.

Even if users select DON’T ENABLE, the PolicyPak CSE will fix it at the next login.

The workaround and recommendation is to install the PolicyPak CSE when no users are logged on at all, and hence, IE wouldn’t be open to cause this situation.

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  • 11-Nov-2019