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03: How does PolicyPak Java Rules Manager work with Virtualized Browsers and/or Java?

The answer is complicated. But, here goes:

  • PPJRM sees the REAL versions of Java on the machines, and then makes the XML RuleSet based upon that.
  • Then, if, for instance, FF is virtualized in App-V, then virtualized Firefox should honor what the Ruleset says to do.

What WON'T work is:

  • Virtualized FF and
  • Virtualized Java(s) inside App-V.
  • And NO / different Java’s on the real machine. Since we cannot “see/detect” inside the App-V bubble, we cannot make a rule set.

In either way, while the first scenario should work, we’re calling this scenario “Unsupported”.. which is to say, it should work as I’ve described, but there are no guarantees, and no plans to improve support for App-V + PPJRM.

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  • 02-Feb-2022