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04: How are URLs evaluated within PolicyPak Java Rules Manager?

Let’s take a for-instance..
First, Java Rules Manager is very, very picky about matching exactly:

  • HTTP vs HTTPS and
  • URL.

Then after that, there are some rules it follows. Here’s an example.

If you add in the rules manager, will it also apply for url

But it DOESN’T WORK the other way round: if you make the rule, then is not affected.

To emphasise this, here is a snip from Java Deployment Rule’s docs, which explain it a little more detailed.

“If provided, then the beginning of the paths must match exactly. If the location attribute does not contain a path, then all paths from the host are considered a match. For example, matches and, but does not match However, matches,, and“

  • 443
  • 26-Mar-2019