04: How are URLs evaluated within PolicyPak Java Rules Manager?

Let’s take a for-instance..
First, Java Rules Manager is very, very picky about matching exactly:

  • HTTP vs HTTPS and
  • URL.

Then after that, there are some rules it follows. Here’s an example.

If you add https://oracle.systems.private in the rules manager, will it also apply for url https://oracle.systems.private/xyz

But it DOESN’T WORK the other way round: if you make https://oracle.systems.private/xyz the rule, then https://oracle.systems.private is not affected.

To emphasise this, here is a snip from Java Deployment Rule’s docs, which explain it a little more detailed.

“If provided, then the beginning of the paths must match exactly. If the location attribute does not contain a path, then all paths from the host are considered a match. For example, host.example.com/samples matches host.example.com/samples and host.example.com/samples/test, but does not match host.example.com/test. However, host.example.com matches host.example.com/samples, host.example.com/samples/test, and host.example.com/test.“

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  • 26-Mar-2019