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01: PolicyPak Cloud: Two minute introduction

Have computers which are domain joined and non-domain joined? How are you going to get them PolicyPak and Microsoft Group Policy settings? Check out this video to see !

PolicyPak Cloud Overview

It’s a mobile first, cloud first world, which is a great reason to check out PolicyPak Cloud. PolicyPak Cloud is your solution to deliver your desired settings to users and computers, both your on-prem and on-the-go.

Other cloud services do a really great job at managing phones, but they’re not so hot at managing real Windows PCs. To manage real Windows PCs, you need power – real power – the power that starts with real Windows Group Policy plus PolicyPak’s additional components and deliver it all through the cloud.

PolicyPak Cloud is great for both I.T. pros and MSPs. You simply upload your real Group Policy Admin Templates, Group Policy Preferences and Group Policy Security Settings plus additional PolicyPak settings to PolicyPak Cloud and that’s it.

Your Windows PCs download your policies and adhere to your corporate standards, no matter where they are. PolicyPak Cloud is the only way to manage and lock down applications, browsers, Java, the operating system – everything.

When does PolicyPak Cloud work? Simple. Always. PolicyPak Cloud works if you have domain joined on-prem PCs, domain-joined traveling PCs and non-domain joined PCs which are on-prem or traveling.

It’s a fast-moving, mobile first, cloud first world, and with PolicyPak Cloud, you are able to move just as fast.

PolicyPak: Securing Your Standards.

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  • 26-Jun-2019