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01: Deploying Real Group Policy (and Extra PolicyPak Settings) Overview
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Your MDM service is awesome… but it doesn’t have real group policy, or extra Windows 10 desktop management features. Watch this video and learn how to use PolicyPak to deliver REAL Group Policy settings and PolicyPak’s extra settings to all your MDM enrolled Windows 10 machines.



PolicyPak and MDM: Deploying Real Group Policy (and Extra PolicyPak Settings) Overview

You’ve invested in an MDM service. That’s great. Microsoft Intune, MobileIron or VMware AirWatch offer the promise of managing you’re always on-the-go Windows 10 machines, but they fall short of real power. They have no way to deliver the awesome power of real Microsoft Group Policy over MDM to your Windows 10 machines.

How would you like to deliver real Microsoft Group Policy settings and extra PolicyPak settings using your existing MDM service? Just add PolicyPak to your existing MDM service, and you’ll be supercharged to deliver real Microsoft Group Policy plus PolicyPak’s additional settings to manage the operating system, browser and security settings.

It’s super easy, and it’s only three steps.

Step one: simply create a real GPO and craft the exact policy settings you want. Settings can be just about any Microsoft Group Policy or PolicyPak setting. Just export those settings as XML files and wrap them up as an MSI with our included PolicyPak Exporter Utility. Then upload the MSI into your MDM service.

Step two: upload the PolicyPak Client Side Extension MSI File and PolicyPak License File into your MDM service. Once uploaded, this is the rocket fuel to make a Windows 10 machine accept your real Microsoft Group Policy and PolicyPak settings using your MDM service.

Step three: use your MDM service to target which Windows 10 machines should get what settings. Do you want all machines to get all settings, or do you want some machines to get some settings? It’s up to you.

Then sit back and do…nothing.

When client machines join your MDM service, they simply get the signal to: 1) download the PolicyPak Client Side Extension, 2) download the PolicyPak License File and 3) download the real Microsoft Group Policy and PolicyPak policies you wrapped up earlier.

And just like that, your Windows 10 machines are getting as secure out in the field as they would be back in the home office.

Supercharge your MDM service with PolicyPak, and manage your Windows 10 machines like a boss. PolicyPak: securing your standards.

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