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05: How to Un-license any PolicyPak Component (like PolicyPak Preferences)

How to Un-license any PolicyPak Component (like PolicyPak Preferences)

PolicyPak How to Un license any PolicyPak Component like PolicyPak Preferences

Hi. In this video I’m going to show you how you can unlicense any given component of the Policy Pak On-Prem suite. So, you may have licenses in one of two different ways. Way No. 1 might be you have an individual license GPO and if you take a look, for instance, and you show all here – actually, I meant to click on this guy here. This is one individual license. You might see that this is only actual registry settings. Newer version of the licensing tool will give you a prettier version but long story short, you might have one individual license and if you don’t want to license a particular component it’s as easy as right-clicking and unchecking link enabler, deleting the link, and therefore, if it’s not linked anywhere and it’s just hanging out in Group Policy Objects not linked anywhere, well, then therefore that component will become unlicensed.

So, sometimes you might want to just do it that way. You might have other – another situation might be that you might have a bunch of licenses in one Group Policy Object and the way you would manage that is you would click edit on the GPO, okay? Then you will go to the licensing – let’s see, so on the computer side, Policy Pak – this a little tricky in terms of mouse work. You have to left click on the word Policy Pak, then right click and go to License Management. So, here under License Management you will see the licenses that are injected directly into the GPO. For instance, if you wanted to unlicense, say, Policy Pak Preferences, you would select that guy, click delete, say okay, and that gets rid of it in the list, and click close. That’s it.

You can verify that it’s really gone, again, by just going back into Licensing Management and seeing that it’s not there. You can double verify it’s not there by right-clicking and here in the GPMC and refreshing the report and you should note that, again, these may be pretty or they may not look pretty. It depends on how new the version of licensing tool you used but long story short, by the time this is over you shouldn’t see the component that you just unlicensed. In my case, it was Policy Pak Preferences. So, that’s it. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email support or check us out in the forum. Thanks for much. Talk to you soon.

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  • 07-Nov-2019