01: How to pay monthly (instead of yearly) for the PolicyPak Cloud service

Watch this video if you’d like to pay monthly for the PolicyPak Cloud service. It’s easy to get set up, and you can use as much or as many licenses as you need.

PolicyPak: Monthly cloud payments

Hi. If you’re watching this video, that means you have clicked on here, which say “click here for a video to see how to use credit cards” inside PolicyPak Cloud. So, to be super clear, the idea is that you license computers or endpoints and the general formula for PolicyPak Cloud is desktops and laptops and they can either be domain joined or non-domain joined. If you’ve finished your trial, you can see that, oops, maybe your licenses are expired for the various components and you can also see that your total active licenses would be ten because that’s typically all we give out in a trial and you might have up to ten used licenses. So, if you wanted to, like, really start using PolicyPak Cloud, the first thing you need to do is add a credit card. So, we’ll click on Please add a credit card here and that really just goes to the billing tab, okay. For this demonstration

I’m going to put in a credit card number. Actually, there’s a well-known credit card number that will be accepted but, of course, will not work, which is 4 and a bunch of 1s after it. You can try it but it’s not really going to work. It’s only for demonstration purposes. The card type would be a Visa and you can put in any number here. I’ll put some expiration date in the future. So, once again this is what you would do with your real credit card. I’m doing it with this kind of fake credit card but it will be accepted here. Okay, at this point the credit card gets added here and you can see the last four digits expired and so on and so forth. What you’re interested in here is the idea of is primary or is secondary. You can add multiple credit cards and one of them is going to be the one that is tried out for billing first and then others will be billed second.

So, if you have multiple cards in here, one can be primary and one can be secondary, so the idea again is that if you are nearing expiration you can have a secondary card on file.

We’ll try the first one first and go with the second one second. So, after that go ahead and click back onto License Status and here is where you can then see that the credit card has been accepted to be used and ready to go. Here you can add licenses and let’s go ahead and say you want to add 125 licenses, so what it tells you here is that the per computer license when purchasing 135 total computer licenses, which would be 125 plus 10 would be $2.00 apiece and your total monthly price is $270.00. When you’re ready to go, just go ahead and click on Add licenses now. You will see that the card will be charged today, which is the 13th of this month that I happen to be shooting this video upon. So, that becomes your monthly anniversary date or your monthiversary if you will.

So, once you go ahead and say yes, you can see that your card will be charged the full amount right now and you’re ready to go. Boom, your licenses are successful, you have 135 more licenses in the pool, and you can add more licenses at any time. So, that’s the first thing and you’re ready to go. Everything is all licensed but let’s say you want to add more licenses a little later in the month, like partially within the month. So, for instance, you’ve got 135 and you’re ready to grow to maybe 150 so you want to add maybe 15 licenses. So, we’ll go ahead and add 15 licenses. Now you can see what happens is that we start to – if this were to happen tomorrow, we would start prorating this because now your monthiversary has just occurred and so starting on the next day we prorate this. I can’t show you this right here because it’s not tomorrow yet but you would see this if you were mid-stroke in your cycle, okay. So, it would say there are, you know, 29 days left on your cycle and, therefore, your card will be charged accordingly. So, basically, we make sure you’re not overpaying if you decide to add more licenses midmonth. That’s kind of all there is to it. So, if you have additional questions on how to use credit cards or anything like that, we’re here for you. You can pick up the phone or you can email sales@PolicyPak.com. Thanks very much and we’ll talk to you soon.

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  • 26-Jun-2019