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01: PolicyPak Overview Video for Managers

Why PolicyPak? Easy. No PolicyPak, no Endpoint Management. No Desktop Security. No Data Leak Protection. No configuration of VDI machines. Watch this video see this easy to implement solution.

PolicyPak Overview Video for Managers video transcript

Who’s in charge of your company’s computers, and who’s in charge of your company’s applications? Naturally, it’s you and the IT department, right? But once an application is deployed to the desktop, how do you manage its settings? Is it left to the end user? If end users are having to manage their own settings, who’s really in charge – you or your users?

The modern desktop has dozens of applications, each with hundreds of possible configuration settings, and that means there are so many ways an application can be misconfigured. This leads to unproductive downtime, calls to the help desk and ultimately an IT administrator has to be dispatched to manually configure the user’s desktop.

And leaving the application configuration up to the end user is almost always a bad idea. What if the security for your applications isn’t configured to your corporate standards? Are you exposing your company to potential data breaches and security risks. Many applications have built-in security, but are you uniformly implementing that security? No company wants to find out they could have done something about their application security issues when it’s too late and everyone is reading about your company’s security problems in the newspapers.

Look at how much work you’re doing just trying to stay on top of it all. You’re always on the go being reactive. How do you get all of your desktops under control and stop the madness? We know the pain of desktop and application settings management. We understand. That’s why we’ve developed PolicyPak. PolicyPak’s motto says it all: “What you set is what they get.” With PolicyPak, you can ensure that when users log on they’re getting exactly the desktop, application and security settings they’re supposed to get.

If you deploy real machines or virtual machines, PolicyPak quietly configures your users’ experiences the very first time they log on, and PolicyPak ensures those settings no matter what desktop or laptop they use. Because PolicyPak automatically reconfigures users’ application settings, the changes they made are simply undone automatically without the user having to do a thing.

Additionally, PolicyPak enables you to completely restrict a user from changing their application settings. With PolicyPak’s built in App Lock feature, you can actually gray out or completely hide specific application settings from your users. PolicyPak App Lock quietly ensures there’s simply no way for a user to misconfigure, manipulate, work around or change your set policies. With PolicyPak’s App Lock feature, you can permanently lock down your application settings and be confident that what you set is what they get.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Just click the Download button on the right. If you’d like to see PolicyPak in action, be sure to watch our how-to videos found in the support section of our website.
PolicyPak, what you set is what they get.

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  • 29-Oct-2019