02: PolicyPak and Citrix: Better Together.. A quick introduction !

PolicyPak and Citrix: Better Together.. A quick introduction !

PolicyPak and Citrix Better Together A quick introduction !

You’ve got applications – desktop and business applications. Of course you want users to remotely access these applications and stay productive wherever they are. That’s WHY you invested in a solution from Citrix but with so many users and applications, how do you keep a consistent look and feel, ensure operating systems and application security and deliver updates and changes to both your On-Prem and roaming users? Easy… just add PolicyPak to your existing Citrix investment. PolicyPak fits perfectly with Citrix Xen App, Xen Desktop, and Xen Client. When you virtualize applications using Citrix Xen App, PolicyPak delivers the exact configurations your users need. Ensure everything from the Homepage of the browser to the security and look and feel settings of your business applications.

When you virtualize desktops using Xen Desktop, PolicyPak can dynamically deliver operation system, security, and application settings. With PolicyPak, users are always immediately productive and desktops are always secure. When you enable mobility with Xen Client, PolicyPak can keep desktops and application settings updated if users are on-prem, or traveling, through the Cloud. Most organizations can have PolicyPak up and working with their Citrix investment in about an hour. Really! PolicyPak is a Citrix-ready partner and named by CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 most promising Citrix solution providers. With PolicyPak On-Prem Suite or PolicyPak Cloud Suite, ensure that what you set is what they get. Learn more and start your free trial at PolicyPak.com.

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  • 27-Jun-2019