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02: PolicyPak Cloud: Managing File Assocations

Got PDF? And don’t want Edge to open it? Or MP4, and don’t want the built-in movie player to open it? How about protocols like MAILTO: .. want to map those to Outlook? It’s drop dead easy.. with PolicyPak File Associations Manager. Trying to manage with “Set a default associations configuration” is for the birds, and isn’t flexible. Instead, manage it quickly using Group Policy, and PolicyPak.

If you've got not domain-joined machines, as I have here, and you're using PolicyPak Cloud, how do you use PolicyPak File Associations Manager with it? Well, it's super easy. As you know, we've got the cloud client here. We're going to get to that in a second.

First things first, before you get to PolicyPak Cloud, you're going to take your file associations and simply view as XML in Notepad and here they are just hanging out here, all your file associations. Copy that. Then go into PolicyPak Cloud. You can use whatever group you want in PolicyPak Cloud. I'm going to use the special All group, which is going to hit every computer. I'm then going to create a link – upload and link a new XML here, and I'll call this PPFAM All Computers File Allocation. You just hit paste and bam, we recognize it as a File Associations Manager XML, and you're off to the races. Literally, that's all there is to it. After you've created your XML, export and upload and you're off to the races.

Let's go over to our not domain-joined machine or even if it is a domain-joined machine, you can see in this scenario, you can see PDF is still associated with Edge. This is the built-in video player and the mail-to isn't set yet. Let's go ahead and install the Cloud client. When we do, we're going to download the latest client site extension. We're then going to also install the policy settings. Just watch right here, and you should immediately see those items change about five or ten seconds after it's registered and hits the All group. We'll go ahead and give this a second to finish up. Boom, just like that, it hit it and we're off and running.

This can be done for all users or if you want to be specific with specific users, you can do that as well. In this demonstration, I'm just showing all users, but that's the great part about PolicyPak Cloud:  very, very flexible, works with your domain-joined and not domain-joined machines. Get your file associations as soon as those files you want are available and you're off to the races. Let me go ahead and just finish that last one here and show that my mail is not the goofy emailer. Instead, it is the Clause Mail, which is what I wanted.

There you go; that's it. we've done our file associations This is one of the shortest videos ever. Hope this makes sense and hope you love PolicyPak as much as we love bringing it to you. Thanks so much. Take care.

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  • 12-May-2021