01: PolicyPak Java Rules Manager and PolicyPak Browser Router: Better Together

Open the right browser for the website, then dictate what version of Java to run FOR that website. A combo made in heaven. These are both included with the PolicyPak On-Prem or PolicyPak Cloud suite !

PolicyPak Java Rules Manager and PolicyPak Browser Router: Better Together

Hi. This is Jeremy Moskowitz. In previous videos, you saw me use PolicyPak Java Rules Manager to specify that websites use specific versions of Java when you need them for either your external or internal apps.

For instance, I have “java.com” specifically saying whenever I go there I want to use “Java SE 7 Update 51” and when I go to “javatester.org” I want to use “Java SE 8 Update 25.” That’s great, but what if you also want to ensure that whenever you go to a specific website it also opens up the right browser and then uses the right version of Java? That’s what this video is about.

Let me just catch you up with the previous video. I already have this established. If I go over to my endpoint here, you can see that on the left I have Internet Explorer and on the right I have Firefox. Internet Explorer when I go to java.com it says “Version 7 U 51” and so does Firefox. If I go to javatester.org, I see on Internet Explorer “Java Version: 1.8.0_25” and on Firefox I also see “Java Version: 1.8.0_25.”

That’s great, but if you want to guarantee a specific browser for a specific website, that’s what Browser Router does, and it can be used in conjunction with the Java Rules Manager we’ve already just set up. Let me go ahead and close these out real fast.

I’ll go ahead and close this out for now. It’s very simple. You can do this in the same Group Policy Object or in different GPOs.

I’m going to just click on “Browser Router” here, right click and “Add/New Collection.” We have to start a new collection. A collection just contains Browser Router policies. Then we’re just going to simply right click and “Add/New Policy.” Let’s say whenever we go to “java.com” we want that “URL” of “java.com” to always to go “Internet Explorer.” That’s as simple as that. One click and it’s done.

Whatever browser we’re in, if we go to “javatester.org” and if we go to that “URL,” we always want to go in “Firefox.” So no matter if we’re in the wrong browser, we’re always going to make our way over to the right browser.

So that’s it. We’re just saying whenever we go to “java.com,” force open “Internet Explorer” and then use the version of Java that we dictated in the “Java Rules Manager” over here. Same thing with “javatester.org.”

All we’re going to do is go over to our endpoint and run GP Update (“gpupdate”). We’ll give this a second to settle in. Okay, and now we’re ready to get started. Let’s start with Internet Explorer here. If I go to “Internet Explorer,” I can see that I’ve got a “New tab” here. I’ll even create a new “New tab” here just so you can see that. I’ll leave the old tab there.

We said if we go to “javatester.org,” we don’t want to run it in Internet Explorer but instead open it in Firefox, which automatically opens. So we used Browser Router to force open the right browser. If we “Test the version of Java used in this browser,” we are using the Java Rules Manager to dictate the right version of Java for that website.

If we’re in this browser and we go to “java.com,” watch what happens to the tab. We close that tab and open it in Internet Explorer. Then if we select “Do I have Java?” and “Verify Java version,” the version of Java that we’ll have here is what we dictated again using the Java Rule Manager: “Version 7 Update 51.”

So together with the “Java Rules Manager” and the “Browser Router,” you can now say for any specific website and internal or external application, open up the right browser for the right website and now force in the correct version of Java as needed. It’s an amazing better together story that I know will help you out.

If you’re ready to get started, just get in touch, join us for one of the webinars, and we’ll see you soon and you can try it on for size.

Thanks so very much.

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  • 27-Jun-2019