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01: PolicyPak Feature Manager for Windows doesn’t appear to be working and we’re getting error code 0x800f0954. What can I try?

Underneath the hood …PPFMW is calling the DISM command.
The error you’re getting, 0x800f0954… would be happening if PolicyPak Feature Manager for Windows -or- DISM by itself was doing the work.

Error: Couldn't get the list of enabled Optional Feature. Error code: 0x800f0954
Error: Could not get optional feature info. Feature name: XPS.Viewer~~~~, Error code: 0x800F0954

We are finding that this error seems to point to DISM and WSUS fighting.
So, here are some things to try.. one by one..:

  1. Try this Group Policy setting on one affected machine. Use LOCAL Group Policy as a quick test..
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
    Set "Specify settings for optional component installation and component repair" to Enable this and
    Set "Download repair content and optional features directly from Windows Update instead of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)” to Enabled.

    Then REBOOT.. and retry.
    Stop: Did this magically make it work?

  2. We think this is how you have WSUS set up.. but instead of using the first two fields of “Set the intranet update serice…” use the “Set the alternate download server.”

    This will be a little harder to do a small scale test… but by the time you’re done you want to make sure the test machine is not getting the ORIGINAL WSUS setting, and instead is getting this updated setting.

    Then REBOOT.. and retry.
    Stop: Did this magically make it work?

  3. MAYBE PolicyPak Feature Manager for Windows is expressly having problems ONLY when trying to add .NET Framework. Just for NOW, try NOT adding .NET framework, and tell us if it works.
    Stop: Did this work?

  4. After you’ve done ALL three steps above try “Step 1” in this article.
    Stop: Did this work? This is a small scale test just to see if it succeeds or fails here.

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  • 17-Apr-2019