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10: What is “Truing Up” for On-Premise products?

In the previous example, you started with 3,000 machines and grew to 3,300 machines. That’s great – we want you to use your PolicyPak investment the way your company needs to, when you need to. You don’t need to come to us every time your company grows or uses PolicyPak products for more computers. However, we do require that your license catches up with your usage at one-year intervals. We call this “truing up.”

Before the expiration of each one-year license period, the “Technical Contact” on record will be reminded to re-run our license wizard, this time using the audit feature. The license wizard will make a quick inspection of all GPOs within the scope of license that use PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter.

We simply ask you to re-count where you want to use PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter the next year. You send in your updated license request. You “renew” the computers from last year, and “true up” any overage.

Note: It’s possible you have fewer computers than you did last year. In that case, you don’t pay anything for new licenses. However, you are still bound to pay the maintenance fee for the highest amount of computers found in the last three audits.

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  • 07-Jun-2019