03: How do I turn on enhanced logging for PPGPCR Server if asked?

  1. Turn off the PPGPCR Server Service.
  2. Close the PPGPCR Admin Client (Admin Console).
  3. Unzip these filesPPGPCR Server Enable Logging.ZIP
    PPGPCR Server Disable Logging.ZIP
  4. On the server, as admin. Run the Enable REG file.
  5. Start the PPGPCR Server Service.
  6. Start the PPGPCR Client (admin console).
  7. Make the error or condition occur.
  8. ZIP up this folder on the SERVER: %ProgramData%PolicyPakPolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter ServerDiagnostics

    Leave logging enabled on the server until told otherwise. When complete send Events.log to your support rep.

  9. Run the PPGPCR Server Disable Logging.REG
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  • 07-Nov-2019